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We are dedicated to making local history more accessible. Our Reference Library Collection contains local genealogies, local history books, cemetery books and historical reference material. In order to facilitate research visits and research requests, we have created an inventory of the Reference Library Collection.

Here are a few of the families that we have information on:

Bellamy, Blair, Brown, Burchill, Burke, Buzzell, Byron, Caldwell, Cannon, Caswell, Clint, Cochran, Corford, Coulter, Cram, Dack, Duff, Dunlop, Eades, Gemmill, Gillan, Hobbs, Humphries, Johnstone, Lang, Leckie, Lowe, Mackay, Mattice, McArthur, McDonald, McGuire, McIlraith, McIntyre, McKay, McLean, McMasters, McNeely, McNicol, Metcalf, Milnes, Moffatt, Moore, Moorhouse, Morphy, Needham, Nettleton, Pattie, Paul, Philip, Rattray, Reid, Rintoul, Robertson, Scott, Shipman, Smith, Snedden, Steel, Stewart, Tennant, Thompson, Toshack, Wilson, Yuill.

We also have books on the settlement and history of communities in Lanark County and the area, transcriptions of some early births, baptisms, marriages and deaths from local churches and newspapers, and local cemetery records. Other material includes a large photo collection and original copies of the Almonte newspapers, for those studying regional history and genealogy.

We’re happy to respond to research requests and set up research visits. To ensure the proper preparations are done, please call the museum ahead of time at 613-257-8503 to schedule an appointment. You may also email the museum at

The following information is required:

  • Name
  • Phone number and/or email
  • Catalogue numbers of the titles requested
  • Other potential topics of interest


Books for Sale

We’re happy to work with local authors and historians to promote local history and make that information accessible to the community! Many of the books can be purchased in person at the North Lanark Regional Museum, or shipped for an additional shipping cost.


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