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Genealogy Workshop 2019

Family Tree cM & Segments        The North Lanark Historical Society will host a genealogy workshop, including DNA testing, on:
             Tues, Wed & Fri afternoons, and Sat morning,   March 19, 20, 22 & 23, 2019   at the Museum.
         Participants will be able to work from home on Thurs, and bring their questions to the workshop on Fri.
         To view the details of contents and format, see the 2019 Genealogy Workshop page.

         The Historical Society previously hosted genealogy workshops from 2012 to 2018.
         To compare these workshops, see the  2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 , or  2018   web pages.

Reference Library Collection

Reference Library Collection 2014 (400x360)

The North Lanark Historical Society and North Lanark Regional Museum are dedicated to making local history more accessible. Our Reference Library Collection contains local genealogies, local history books, cemetery books and historical reference material. In order to facilitate research visits and research requests we have created an inventory of the Reference Library Collection.

Here are a few of the families that we have information on:

Bellamy, Blair, Brown, Burchill, Burke, Buzzell, Byron, Caldwell, Cannon, Caswell, Clint, Cochran, Corford, Coulter, Cram, Dack, Duff, Dunlop, Eades, Gemmill, Gillan, Hobbs, Humphries, Johnstone, Lang, Leckie, Lowe, Mackay, Mattice, McArthur, McDonald, McGuire, McIlraith, McIntyre, McKay, McLean, McMasters, McNeely, McNicol, Metcalf, Milnes, Moffatt, Moore, Moorhouse, Morphy, Needham, Nettleton, Pattie, Paul, Philip, Rattray, Reid, Rintoul, Robertson, Scott, Shipman, Smith, Snedden, Steel, Stewart, Tennant, Thompson, Toshack, Wilson, Yuill.

Photo – The newly organized and inventoried Reference Library Collection!

In addition to this we have various published books on the settlement and history of communities in Lanark County and the surrounding area. We also have transcriptions of some early births, baptisms, marriages and deaths from local churches and newspapers as well as local cemetery records. Other Archival and Research material includes a large photo collection and original copies of the Almonte newspapers, for those studying regional history and genealogy.

Our Reference Library Collection inventory is available in two versions.
Reference Collection Inventory Dec 18, 2014
Reference Collection Inventory (shortened)
Both files are searchable by using the pdf commands Edit / Find or CTRL + F.

Are you interested in a book listed here?
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The North Lanark Regional Museum is happy to respond to research requests and set up research visits. To ensure the proper preparations are done, please call the museum ahead of time at 613-257-8503 to schedule an appointment. You may also email the museum at The following information is required:

* Name (First and Last)
* Phone Number and or E-Mail Address
* Catalogue number(s) of the title(s) requested or topics of interest

The inventory and cataloguing project was carried-out by our wonderful summer student Celia Zamorano in 2014. The North Lanark Regional Museum would also like to acknowledge Young Canada Works for funding this project.
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