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Genealogy Workshop 2014

Family Tree cM & Segments          The North Lanark Historical Society will be hosting a genealogy workshop, including DNA testing, on:
             Wed, Thurs & Fri evenings, and Sat morning,   Nov 12 to 15, 2014   at the Museum
         To view the details of contents and format, see the 2014 Genealogy Workshop page.

         The Historical Society previously hosted genealogy workshops in Nov. 2012 and Nov. 2013.
         To compare these workshops, see the  2012   or the  2013    page.

Family Histories
We have family histories on the following surnames:

Bellamy, Blair, Brown, Burchill, Burke, Buzzell, Byron, Caldwell, Cannon, Caswell, Clint, Cochran, Corford, Coulter, Cram, Dack, Duff, Dunlop, Eades, Gemmill, Gillan, Hobbs, Humphries, Johnstone, Lang, Leckie, Lowe, Mackay, Mattice, McArthur, McDonald, McGuire, McIlraith, McIntyre, McKay, McLean, McMasters, McNeely, McNicol, Metcalf, Milnes, Moffatt, Moore, Moorhouse, Morphy, Needham, Nettleton, Pattie, Paul, Philip, Rattray, Reid, Rintoul, Robertson, Scott, Shipman, Smith, Snedden, Steel, Stewart, Tennant, Thompson, Toshack, Wilson, Yuill.

In addition to this we have various published books on the settlement and history of communities in Lanark County and the surrounding area.

We also have transcriptions of some early births, baptisms, marriages and deaths from local churches and newspapers as well as local cemetery records.

Other Archival and Research material includes a large photo collection and original copies of the Almonte newspapers, for those studying regional history and genealogy.

To see a master list of our Genealogy holdings in pdf format, Click Here

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