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The North Lanark Historical Society was established in 1965 by local people interested in preserving the history of Almonte and the townships of Beckwith, Lanark, Pakenham, and Ramsay. At the time, they were the only group in the area that was dedicated to collecting artefacts and information on the history of the North Lanark region and transcribing original archival documents. In 1970, the Historical Society began to lease the former S.S. #11 Appleton schoolhouse from the Lanark County Board of Education and developed the heritage building (built in 1878) into a museum.

The North Lanark Regional Museum officially opened on June 26, 1971. Adopting the motto, ‘Preserve What We Have Gained,’ the Society hoped to promote the museum as an educational institution, containing an array of pioneer artefacts, antiques, and historical and genealogical information.

Sadly, on July 19, 1979, shortly after its designation as a Heritage Site, the museum and most of its contents were destroyed by a fire. The Society and museum volunteers undertook the arduous task of salvaging and rebuilding the entire collection. A new museum building was purchased and generously moved gratis by the Drummond Brothers. Their mother, Doreen Drummond had visited the ruins of the schoolhouse and asked her sons to do what they could to help the Society rebuild. When the museum was re-opened in 1980, the building was named the Doreen Drummond House in memory of her kindness.


The North Lanark Regional Museum tells the stories of the North Lanark Region through the collection, preservation, and presentation of artefacts, culture, and local history. We encourage the public to experience their unique heritage through inspiring museum programs, special events, and a readily accessible local history and genealogical collection.


The North Lanark Regional Museum believes history, heritage, culture, and quality of life are fundamental to building a sustainable, prosperous, and diversified community in Mississippi Mills. As such, the North Lanark Regional Museum strives to be an exemplary institution in our community and at large.


To preserve the heritage, artefacts, culture, and history of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills and area, and to keep it readily accessible to the public. The Museum aims to:

  • Provide outstanding facilities, exhibits, and interpretation
  • Connect, engage, and inspire our community
  • Deliver excellence in management, operations, and customer service


North Lanark Historical Society and Regional Museum
647 River Road
Appleton, ON

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 218, Almonte, ON

Doreen Wilson, Museum Manager

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