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The North Lanark Historical Society owns and operates the North Lanark Regional Museum in the small village of Appleton, Ontario. We believe history, heritage, culture, and quality of life are fundamental to building a sustainable, prosperous, and diversified community in Mississippi Mills. As such, we strive to be an exemplary institution in our community and at large.

Your donation will help to preserve the heritage, culture, and history of the Municipality of Mississippi Mills, and keep it accessible to the public. Donations of $100 or higher will include an annual membership to the Historical Society!

Pioneer Cabin Restoration Campaign

 We’re seeking financial assistance from our community to restore this important part of our shared local history.

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Our Board of Directors provide strategic leadership and governance, and oversee the operational and financial performance of the North Lanark Historical Society and Museum. We are always looking for individuals whose skills, passion, and experience align with our mission, vision, and mandate!

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